Customer Loyalty Platform

Brick N’ Mortar + Tap Mango

Ready to learn more about our “can’t live without” customer loyalty platform? Yeah, we thought so


Hey there! 

We’re Joann & Kyle.

Can you guess what is pretty much one of the top 3 KEYS to the success of our brick-and-mortar business, one of the best ways to increase your return customer rate, build loyal fans, and legit the best platform for sms campaigns? 

If you said Tap Mango, you are right! With them, we can testify that customer loyalty toes from complex and overwhelming to straight-up seamless!

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, a customer loyalty program with the ability to send sms campaigns is an absolute must! Without it, you are missing out on a major opportunity my friend.

Let us share with you our all time favorite. Tap Mango.


Why Did We Chose Tap Mango? 


Tap Mango is a fully customizable loyalty program that incentivizes customers to revisit. AND it’s completely automated, so you don’t have to lift a finger once it’s set up! 


With Tap Mango, you can easily send promotions over SMS, mobile push, and email to get your customers back in-store sooner and more often. Drive more traffic during sales, events, and on those days that are slower than normal. 


Need more reviews? Use Tap Mango’s automatic feedback feature to increase the quantity and quality of Yelp/Google reviews through automated surveys.

There's an easier way to run your online education business.... 


Tap Mango ensures you’re set up for success by giving you everything you need in a customer loyalty program to build a profitable brick-and-mortar business. This is why they are offering a free demo so you can watch the platform in action to make sure Tap Mango is right for you.

And on top of that, a Tap Mango representative will set up a 1:1 with you to not only walk you through the platform, but make sure the platform meets all of your unique business needs.

This platform is one of our favorites that really helped us increase our revenue. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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