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#51: How Do I Price My Products or Services for My Brick-and-Mortar Storefront?

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Have you ever found yourself in the thick of business, twirling in the dance of pricing your products or services? I remember it like it was yesterday, the whirlwind of decision-making, the fear of setting a price too high or too low. It’s a dance I stepped into without knowing the moves, especially after stepping away from the safety net of a franchise model. Let me tell you, navigating the open waters of independent pricing felt like charting unknown territories without a map. That’s why my recent chat with Per, the Price Whisperer, on the Receipt Paper Podcast felt like uncovering a treasure trove of wisdom I wish I had from the start.

Per, with his globe-trotting business experience and a knack for pricing that’s nothing short of magical, has run companies not just in Europe but primarily in the US, dabbling in business across over 40 countries. He’s the maestro of pricing, turning experiments into symphonies of success, with some strategies boosting revenue by a staggering 25% in just one quarter! After 15 years and almost 1000 elated clients later, Per has refined a process that turns every pricing experiment into a triumph. He’s not just a leader; he’s THE thought-leader in transforming companies and driving unparalleled business results through masterful pricing strategies.

Let me be real with you – when we first stepped out of our franchise, the fear was palpable. What if we price too high and scare away our cherished customers? Or even worse, price too low and watch our hard-earned margins dwindle to nothing? It was a delicate balance, one that felt more like a high-wire act without a safety net.

Per’s insights during our conversation were like a lighthouse guiding us through a stormy night. He shared not just theories but actionable strategies that resonate with any business, big or small. His approach to pricing isn’t just about slapping a price tag on a product or service; it’s an art form that considers market dynamics, customer value, and the psychology of pricing.

Imagine having a roadmap that not only guides your pricing strategy but ensures each step leads to success. That’s the kind of wisdom Per brings to the table. His experiences, from conducting bold pricing experiments to developing a fail-proof process, encapsulate lessons that could transform the way we think about pricing. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about crafting a strategy that aligns with your business values and goals, ensuring you’re not just surviving but thriving.

In our heart-to-heart, Per underscored the importance of pricing with purpose and precision. His journey, marked by trials, triumphs, and a tireless quest for the perfect pricing formula, offers invaluable lessons for anyone at the crossroads of pricing decisions.

If you’ve ever felt adrift in the sea of pricing, let Per’s insights be your anchor. Dive into the full episode on the Receipt Paper Podcast, and dive into Per’s pricing strategies here. Because in the world of business, the right price can make all the difference between merely floating and sailing triumphantly to new horizons.

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