Brick-and-Mortar Isn’t Dead: Why People Still Shop in Person

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Let’s get real about online versus brick-and-mortar. We all love and enjoy the convenience of online shopping. You can practically purchase anything you want with the click of a few buttons. While there is a strong desire for convenience, there are several reasons people continue to enjoy shopping in person. Here are just a few. 

1. To See, Feel, and Try Products

Have you ever found the perfect outfit online that you had to have? Only to wait 6 weeks for it to arrive and it’s made for an infant and looks a bit more like a Halloween costume. It’s happened to most of us and most of us want to avoid this scenario as much as possible. That’s why people like to shop in stores. They can see, feel, and sample or try on products to confirm they are making the right purchase. No matter how many reviews you read online, it won’t replace the confidence you receive in purchasing a product in person. 

2. Human Interaction

Now more than ever, humans are craving social interaction. Humans are social creatures and shopping is very much a social affair. The ability to be able to walk into a store, have a conversation, and ask questions provides a personal experience and builds trust around the brand and product. 

3. Bonding Experience

The other day I learned a new (made up) word called “Shonding”. The word was shopping and bonding combined next to a photo of a group of gals shopping together. It got me thinking about the bonding experience one gets when shopping with others. It provides an experience for friends and family to spend time with one another.  An experience where you can get your friend’s and family’s thoughts and opinions to make a more informed purchase. An experience you can’t quite get online. 

4. No Shipping Issues 

A great thing about shopping at a brick-and-mortar store is that there is rarely shipping involved. This means that customers don’t have to stress about any shipping issues. Also, it is worth keeping in mind that shopping online comes with additional shipping costs, especially when you add up overnight or express delivery costs. The truth is that many online deals are not as great as you think. Besides, something as simple as bad weather could result in your package arriving late. This often encourages people with time-sensitive needs to shop in person. 

5. Instant Gratification

Let’s face it. Everyone (including myself) loves the feeling of instant gratification. Shopping in person is the epitome of instant gratification. It allows you to instantly get your hands on the latest gadget, apparel, tool, or trendy home decor. From the moment an inspiring idea comes to mind, you could be in store purchasing the item within minutes. Ahhhh, yes. 

At Brick N’ Mortar we help entrepreneurs and start-ups by providing the action steps to start, build, and open a profitable, sustainable product or service-based brick-and-mortar business. Opening a brick-and-mortar location isn’t easy, but as you have learned in this blog, there is a need and desire for in-store experiences. Learn more about your target market and what it takes to open a brick-and-mortar location by joining Brick N’ Mortar Academy today. 

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