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How to collect customer data so that you can turn it into gold. 

When I talk to other brick-and-mortar business owners, I am often amazed to hear that they don’t collect customer contact information. People say, “build it and they will come,” but the reality is that it takes far more than simply hanging an open sign to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar business. The truth is, our customer contact list is one of our biggest generators of profit for our business. It allows us to stay in front of our customer base by providing value and showing up consistently so that our offerings stay relevant in our customers’ lives. Whether you have been open for years or have yet to open your doors, it’s time to evaluate your data collection strategy. Here are five ways to easily collect email and phone numbers from your customers. 

#1 Loyalty Programs

If you don’t have a rewards program, my friend, it is time to get one. Rewards or loyalty programs are a highly effective way to capture customer information. Not only does a customer willingly provide their contact information, but they are motivated to return to your business to accrue points or credits for a discount or freebie in return. Like personal relationships, customer relationships are successful when both parties feel they are getting something beneficial from the relationship. Customers are highly motivated to provide their contact info for a rewards program when they know they will be gaining something in return. After all, who doesn’t like a discount or freebie?!

 #2 Giveaways

Giveaways are another mutually beneficial way to obtain customer information. Decide on a product or service giveaway and have customers enter to win by providing their email and/or phone number. I see this tactic work especially well during grand openings when customers are just getting introduced to your business. And what better time to get their information so that you can retarget them with valuable content so that they can get to know you and your business a little better. 

#3 Events

I highly recommend holding events at your business. If you do, ensure you have customers register or sign up for the event even if it’s a free event. You can have a registration form online and utilize a QR code in-store or use a good old-fashioned clipboard and paper where people sign up. Our talk track goes like this, “Have you heard about our Sip and Shop event at the end of this month? It’s a free event, but we ask that you RSVP so we can plan ahead and will send you a reminder about the event. ”See how easy that is? 

#4 Website Pop-up or Opt In

Pop-ups are everywhere online because they work. Don’t disregard the power of your website. Adding a pop-up or opt-in on your website is a great way to get potential customers’ information to target and get them into your store. Maybe they are on the fence about your product or service. A simple email could be that extra nudge they need to finally come into your business. 

Pro Tip: Offering a small discount or freebie on the opt-in WILL increase the number of people that enter their information. 

#5 Simply Asking

This strategy is the easiest, but often the most overlooked. Just simply ask your customers. I promise that you have customers that WANT to be informed on what your business is doing and offering. Give your customers the chance to stay up to date with events, promotions, and new products or services. Many will easily say yes if you simply ask. I recommend asking the customer during the checkout process and having an easy way to enter their information. 

Whether you have a customer contact list of 5,000 or 0, there are many ways to grow your list. Start by implementing at least one of these strategies today and watch how quickly your list will grow. Implementing these strategies will allow you to have a list on hand to connect with your customers. A list allows you to provide a behind-the-scenes look at your business, and share promotions, events, and sales. Consistently connecting with your customers is THE BEST way to ensure repeat customers. It all starts with collecting customer data.

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